Welcome to the FACTA video conferencing page, click on the intro video message from Paul J Lane below.

Above video password is "camden2020"

For the next 4 - 6 weeks, we will be connecting, interacting and communicating via live video conferencing due to current restrictions and advice from the UK Government. 

The Film Actors Academy
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The video conferencing software is very easy to use and does not require sign in, it can be accessed via mobile and desktop devices with just one software download (zoom) the first time you click on your class meeting link (Full details on how to do this at the bottom of this page).

Paul will provide the unique class link on each day before the lesson begins via text message, email and will also be listed on this page (Below).

We are still able to perform on line in terms of acting with Paul as your Film Coach, you will be able to see examples of this via the link below.

Click above picture for Online Masterclass Footage.

A brief introduction to Zoom

Video conferencing recommendations.

Earphones and Microphones.

If at all possible, whether you are watching from a mobile device, computer, lap-top or iPad, it will be easier for you to concentrate with earphones and if you do have an external microphone you can use, this will enable more clarity when you speak during the video conferencing  however this is not essential as most devices have a decent microphone.

Your Room.

The room you choose to use at home should be quiet and away from others. It is also recommended that if you do have others in your household, let them know you are in a meeting whilst asking for quietness

during lesson time. Additionally let them know you will be taking frequent breaks if they need you at any time.


As lessons will  be the usual length of 5 hours with regular reflective breaks, it will be important to have a comfortable chair at home whilst attending the lesson on line, a pillow maybe helpful when sitton on your chair.


Whether you are interacting through a computer, iPad, mobile or laptop, please ensure it is at eye level as described on the NHS link below, this will help you concentrate and be more comfortable when learning with the benefits of best posturing under your own health and safety at home.


Drinks & Food.

Of course in your own home, you can eat and drink as much as you like when in the virtual reality classroom, all we ask is you MUTE your microphone when eating and be mindful of your hot drinks.

Class & Course content.

As a continuation of our mastering, we will also be staying focused on gaining our

familiarity of the 30 Principles with the main focus in April being as follows.

Continuation of "Anatomy of the Gag" (Principle 7) 

A Film to watch "Dirty Machines: - The End of History" 

Additional criteria choices will be as follows

"Your Story" and "Scene Tasks" in between each class is designed to stay connected whilst keeping the dynamic of practical filming performances and telling your story whilst dealing with life in self isolation and

for those of us still working.

Other sections include the new Retro Academy showing previous year projects / classroom activity and for those of you with extra time to dedicate your future destiny, Geek Corner will show you areas of study that your Film Coach & Film Director aspires to indulge in and "Behind The Scenes" sharing

Academy Films & External Films.

Also don't forget we will be releasing our very own Film Magazine release this year

(Looking for more stories from you all).

In line with our live interactive on-line classes, POV Shot (Point of View Shot) will take us to the most relevant skill of baring all to the camera.

For those of us who have Netflix, Netflix Film Reviews and recommendations gives us all a chance to see how we think as a Film Critique.


Icons with the "live button" means they are ready for you - any without, means you will receive a separate message when they are ready for release.


For the casting of "All The Lonely People" this will be finalised with additional self taping in April.

Homework Section.

There is a separate page for homework throughout our time on-line and this will continue when we get back in the classroom. Click on the icon listed at the bottom of this page to view.

Partnering up for scene tasks locally for "low risk" members.

Partnering up for scene tasks enables us to be interactive with members that live close to each other. Listed below is a link for a dedicate page outlining what is required from those who wish to participate.

Click on the icon for the Academy homework page.

Click on the icon for the Your Story sharing page.

Click on the icon for partnering up scene tasks.

Click on the icon for Retro Academy

Click on the icon for Geek Corner.

Click on the icon for Monthly Film Study.

Click on the icon for updates on our Magazine.

Click on the picture above for the POV section.


Click on the picture above for the Film Critique section.

Click on the picture above for the Behind The Scenes section.

This is what you will normally see when clicking on the class room link that I will send for each days on-line class. 

The first time you see this, you will need to click the download & run zoom link. 

You will only need to do this once and then the next time you just click on open zoom meetings.

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